Wine is one of the most elite and oldest forms of alcohol in the world with an extremely spellbinding background history. This is going to be an interesting read for the passionate wine lovers out there who are looking for a detailed insight into the history, forms, and features of wine.

Noticing that wine bears an interesting history of its emergence and formation, we have compiled a list of 5 things you probably didn’t know about this exquisite form of alcohol.

Trick To Aging A Wine

As the legend goes, the older the alcohol, the better it is. However, aged wine is extremely expensive and hardly affordable for a lot of people. But, there is a tried and tested trick to age your wine to make it taste more exquisite. According to Chinese scientists, if you run/zap your wine through an electric field for three minutes, the esters, proteins, and aldehydes of the alcohol are affected which produces a taste of a wine that has been “cellar-aged”.

The Accidental Formation Of The First Ice Wine

The world’s first Ice Wine came into existence as a result of a somewhat accident in the late 1700s in Germany and was called Eiswein. This happened when the freezing weather struck before the harvesting of the grape crop, which made the winemakers use the frozen grapes as animal fodder. However, they accidentally discovered later that these frozen grapes secreted sweet musk which resulted in the formation of the Ice Wine. Now, we have varieties in it. Check it out here.

Wine A Fat Burner?

Even though beer is known to increase the fat proportion of the body by giving you the “beer belly”, wine is, however, believed to have an opposite effect on the body. In fact, the wine has absolutely no effect on your waistline. According to recent studies, women who consumed at least one glass of wine routinely were believed to bear ten pounds less body fat than women who didn’t consume alcohol at all. This was because the calories present in wine are metabolized differently by the body as compared to the calories in carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore, interestingly, a glass of wine can conveniently become a part of your diet plan aimed at shedding the extra weight. Find some Top Rated Wines And Where To Get Them.

Determining The Geographical Origin Through The Wine Color

This one is for all the passionate wine lovers out there who are curious to discover all the elements and features of wine. Yes, you can determine the geographical region and climate of the wine simply by looking at its color. This is how it goes; the darker shades of wine (darkest reds and yellow whites) indicate the origin to be of a warmer climate. Whereas, the lighter shades of wine originate from regions of a cooler climate and hence, taste less lush.

Healthy Form Of Wine

Though, considered to be one of the few safe forms of alcohol, the emphasis has to be laid on the fact that not all forms of wine are healthy for you. It is the red wines that stand out in the health category containing beneficial antioxidants (polyphenol and resveratrol) that havecardioprotective effects and make the wine anticancer. Try avoiding the consumption of white wine as it is believed to have properties that can increase the risk of triggering the cancer cells in the body.

Final Words

One of the oldest forms of alcohol, wine having such a rich history and exquisite features is worth checking out. VQA Ontario is one of the websites you can use to gain extensive knowledge about the history and forms of wine.