Amazing Qualities of Canadian Wines

Great wine regions across Canada are endeavoring hundreds of excellent and
outstanding new wines to discover.

Top Rated Wines And Where To Get Them

As the varieties and compositions of wines vary across regions, wineries, and winemakers, it becomes hard to figure out which ones are the top-rated, especially if you are not a sommelier.

Aim And Objective

The aim of our foundation is to build, monitor, administer and execute an appellation of origin system in accordance with the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999 that enables and permits consumers to distinguish and recognise wines on the basis of the area where the grapes are grown, the techniques and processes utilized or adopted in making the wine and other quality standards.

Vision at Work

In our function as Ontario’s wine authority, we are the delegated authority who commands and enforce the VQA Act and its associated regulations. We are answerable and liable to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services. We operate under a structure and skeleton set out in an authoritative agreement with the Ministry. Simultaneously with the statutory duties, we engage in many relevant activities such as increasing awareness of the VQA appellation operation and method, engaging in national and international standards debates, conferences and seminars, and strengthening public education about VQA appellations and wines.

Wine And Ontario


Wine is considered as the most healthful and most hygienic among all the beverages known to us. Have you ever thought! Why have Canadian Wines gained a status of being one of the most amazing wines in the world? The answer to this lies in the regulatory and appellation system that Canadian wine producers follow. We are one such regulatory and appellation system provider in Canada.

VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) Ontario was characterized as Ontario’s wine authority seventeen years ago under the Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999, by the Noble and Honourable Robert W. Runciman, Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

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Major Wine Producing Regions In Canada

Nova Scotia

Our wineries have garnered international acclaim for their efforts and genuine passion. There are over 70 grape growers and more than 800 acres under vine in seven different regions across the province.

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County – Ontario’s fastest growing wine region. Discover handcrafted, award-winning wines with an unmistakable sense of place.

Niagra Peninsula

One look at the lush, expansive hills and valleys of Niagara and you’ll know. This is wine country. In fact, the Niagara Peninsula is one of the most acclaimed grape-growing and winemaking regions in Ontario.


From world-class operations to family-run boutique vineyards, Okanagan wineries are rich with character and consistently ranked among the worlds best at International competitions.

Lake Erie North Sphere

Great Ontario wineries are just a few miles (or kilometers) away from Ohio and Michigan in Lake Erie North Shore. Here’s a quartet of great LENS wineries.


Similkameen Valley is a pristine stretch of vineyards, set amongst the dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains. Recognized by wine lovers and critics alike, the region continues to produce world-class wines.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is home to a passionate breed of family grapegrowers and winemakers. Winemaking began around 1920 with wines produced from loganberries by the District of Saanich based Growers’ Wine Company.

Naramata Beach

The Naramata Bench Wineries Association is a group of twenty-four award-winning wineries nestled along a fourteen kilometre winding country road overlooking Okanagan Lake.

Fraser Valley

The Fraser Valley has quickly emerged as the location for locally owned breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops. But the real MVP belongs to local wineries.

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