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Appellation - Power Point Presentations

Wines of Ontario
   PowerPoint Presentation  (2.4MB)
Overview of appellation system with primary appellations
   PowerPoint Presentation  (4.3MB)
Overview of the 10 Niagara Peninsula sub-appellations
   PowerPoint Presentation  (5.9MB)

Sub-Appellation - Slide Show

Wine Appellations of the Niagara Peninsula
   Windows Media Video  (25MB)

Appellation Overviews & Maps

Current Statistics cover the 2015 VQA Reporting Period (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015)
Appellation Overviews Maps Combined Set
Ontario   (273KB)  239KB)
Lake Erie North Shore  (181KB)  (348KB)  (496KB)
South Islands  (198KB)  (445KB)  (619KB)
Niagara Peninsula  (427KB)  (4.4MB)  (3.8MB)
Beamsville Bench  (568KB)  (1.8MB)  (2.1MB)
Creek Shores  (461KB)  (1.9MB)  (2.2MB)
Four Mile Creek  (347KB)  (1.6MB)  (1.8MB)
Lincoln Lakeshore  (403KB)  (1.8MB)  (1.9MB)
Niagara Lakeshore  (491KB)  (1.5MB)  (1.8MB)
Niagara River  (364KB)  (1.6MB)  (1.7MB)
Short Hills Bench  (534KB)  (1.8MB)  (2.1MB)
St Davids Bench  (553KB)  (1.5MB)  (1.8MB)
Twenty Mile Bench  (632KB)  (1.9MB)  (2.6MB)
Vinemount Ridge  (379KB)  (1.8MB)  (2.0MB)
Niagara Escarpment  (385KB)  (1.5MB)  (739KB)
Niagara on the Lake  (382KB)
Prince Edward County  (322KB)  (460KB)  (771KB)

VQA Annual Vintage Reports

Report Downloadable Document
Vintage Report 2015  (412KB)
Vintage Report 2014  (175KB)
Vintage Report 2013  (556KB)
Vintage Report 2012  (332KB)
Vintage Report 2011  (441KB)
Vintage Report 2010  (457KB)
Vintage Report 2009  (270KB)
Vintage Report 2008  (204KB)
Vintage Report 2007  (215KB)
Vintage Report 2006  (133KB)
Vintage Report 2005  (171KB)
Vintage Report 2004  (168KB)
Vintage Report 2003  (166KB)
Vintage Report 2002  (166KB)
Vintage Report 2001  (166KB)

Featured articles & brochures

VQA: Supporting 15 Years of Ontario Wine Industry Growth
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by VQA Ontario
2015-18 Business Plan

Diagrams and Technical Information for the Niagara Peninsula 
by Dr. Tony Shaw

Wine Country Ontario Presents:
Icewine Brochure
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"Our Story White Book"
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VQA Annual Reports

Annual Reports are published are published each year in July.

2015 Annual Report  (4.23MB)
2014 Annual Report  (3.37MB)
2013 Annual Report  (2.78MB)
2012 Annual Report  (5.58MB)
2011 Annual Report  (4.38MB)
2010 Annual Report  (5.12MB)
2009 Annual Report  (2.54MB)
2008 Annual Report  (2.49MB)
2007 Annual Report  (4.83MB)
2006 Annual Report  (2.08MB)
2005 Annual Report  (2.74MB)
2004 Annual Report  (2.83MB)

VQA Bylaws

The following bylaws were established for VQA on May 2, 2000.

Last updates were July 2014.

VQA Bylaws  (38KB)

VQA Reserved Terms

Rules made under the VQA Act relating to terms, descriptions and designations for VQA wine

VQA Reserved Terms  (180KB)

VQA Glossary of Terms

A copy of the VQA Glossary of Terms can be downloaded here:

VQA Glossary  (251KB)

VQA Logo Graphics

The VQA logo must appear on all bottles of VQA approved wine in accordance with the following manual:

VQA Ontario Graphics
Standards Manual

Approved VQA Logo

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